Okay, for my first REAL post, I’ll post a copy of the FFVII novel I haven’t updated in months. I know I don’t need separate posts for every chapter currently existing, but meh, whatever.


Prologue: A floating city

Night at Midgar isn’t still. Even long past the time to sleep, many cars still speed down the road. Buildings still have their light on, given power by Mako, the energy harvested from the earth. From his window, the president of Shin Ra looks down at the enormous city that he had envisioned. A girl with light brown hair was selling flowers- a rarity in Midgar. A reporter could be heard from a news screen, telling of the terrorist group AVALANCHE and how Shin Ra would protect the citizens. It was an ordinary night for most of the people in Midgar- but not for some. Below the plates of Midgar, the proprietor of the bar “7th Heaven”, looks up and prays for the safety of her friends, holding a girl who fell asleep waiting for her father. Above the plate, on the train that travels around Midgar, a spike-haired blond boy sat waiting. Then the train stopped. He and his companions moved. The mission had begun.


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