Chapter 1: EX-SOLDIER

And here’s chapter 1


Chapter 1: EX-SOLDIER

                “Wow! You used to be in SOLDIER all right!” the guy named Biggs said as Cloud dispatched two Shin’Ra guards within seconds. He used the blunt edge of his sword, rendering them unconscious. “Not everyday you find one in a group like AVALANCHE.”

                “SOLDIER? Aren’t they the enemy? What’s he doing with us in AVALANCHE?” Jessie asked as Cloud nicked two potions from the guards’ pockets.

                “Hold it Jessie. He WAS in SOLDIER. He quit them and is now one of us.” Biggs explained. He turned to Cloud who had kept silent until then. “Didn’t catch your name.” he said expectantly.

                Cloud held back a flippant answer. “Cloud.” he replied simply.

                “Cloud eh? I’m-” Biggs started but Cloud cut him off.

                “I don’t care what your names are.” He said sharply. God, they were so annoying! Would it kill them to shut up for even a minute or two? “Once this job’s over, I’m outta here.”

                The trio looked at him with surprise and a little hurt. What? Did they actually expect him to join AVALANCHE? The idea was laughable! He was an EX-SOLDIER! First class at that! They were just a ragtag little group trying to fight a battle already lost. No matter which way you look at it, they had no chance of winning against Shin’Ra. None. And their members- well, Biggs and Wedge were typical fighters but their skills were only a little better than the average Shin’Ra guard or infantryman. The two of them could handle maybe 6 or 7 guards between them. Jessie was the intelligent one. She was a genius on computers and bombs. She could plan ahead and think although she was a bit lacking on the physical side of fighting.

                Ok, more than a bit. He amended as he saw that her hair got tangled in the machine gun they got for her. How the heck? He shook his head in exasperation.

                The only ones in their group worth mentioning were Tifa and what’s his name?-Barret.

                That guy was an interesting character. He was the oldest one of them all. A dark skinned fellow with hair cut very short and a short black beard. He was well-muscled and Cloud would have thought him a brawler had the gun-arm in the place of his right hand not said otherwise. He was more annoying than the rest put together though, always ranting about saving the planet.

                I wonder how he got that hand off, Cloud thought idly. Oh well, I’m leaving after this anyways so it doesn’t really concern me. Besides, the only reason I’m here is because Tifa asked me to help.

                Tifa was his childhood friend way back from Nibelheim and he owed her at least this much, especially since he wasn’t able to save her back then…

                Cloud shook his head and put the memories away. He had to focus on the mission at hand.

                Barret appeared as they took a left turn towards the reactor.

                “The hell are you doin’!?” Barret bellowed. “I thought I told you to never move in a group!”

                “Our target’s the North Mako Reactor. We’ll meet on the bridge in front of it.” Barret’s face was already red with anger and steam seemed to be coming out of his ears. He looked ready to spew flames.

                Which is to say, Cloud mused. He looks normal. He grinned involuntarily at the thought.

                “What’re you laughin’ at!?” Barret eyed Cloud with distaste. “EX-SOLDIER huh? I don’t trust ‘ya!

                Who cares? Cloud shrugged non-commitally as he headed to the reactor after the leader of AVALANCHE.


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